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Tudalen Adborth

Rydyn ni’n teimlo’n angerddol am yr hyn yr ydyn ni’n ei wneud ac mae eich adborth yn bwysig iawn i ni. Mae Physical Empowerment CIC yn Gwmni Buddiannau Cymunedol ers mis Mawrth 2021 ac rydyn ni wir yn gwerthfawrogi unrhyw adborth, awgrymiadau neu sylwadau a allai fod gennych. 
Darllenwch yr adborth isod, gan bobl sydd wedi mynychu ein cyrsiau a chan bobl neu gwmnïau ynglŷn â lansio’r cwmni. 

The really important thing that PE has taught me

"I feel so much confidence in myself and that I can and will protect myself and my family. Since doing PE I am so much freer mentally and physically and accept myself as I am. Thank you. :) " 

Port Talbot course member, July 2024.

"Amazing course. I would highly recommend anyone who has been in an abusive relationship to do the course. Amazing. Thank you 😊"

Llanelli course member, Jan - April 2024.

"This program has enabled me to reset my mind to before the abuse, I am more confident, happier and feel stronger in the sense that I could protect myself and others if I needed to."

Physical Empowerment member, January 2024.

"There is always a point to carrying on even if the outcome seems unconquerable. My power is mine and is to be used to fight for me. Never give up! I'm worth defending."

Course attendee, Port Talbot, March 2023

“This was a wonderful morning learning how to protect ourselves. The instructor taught us how to be brave and confident in ourselves – whether we were old or young. She helped us realise we are able to protect ourselves. Philippa was excellent. The team was excellent. They gave us confidence and reassurance."

E.M. Rees, January 2023, Age Connects session, Port Talbot.

"I learnt today that self-defence is much more about "self" in a more holistic sense and the physical act follows. I most enjoyed the whole group discussion and hearing the lived experience of the ladies participating."

Clair, Neath Port Talbot College, introductory session for professionals, October 2022.

"the course i atended was fab everyone was so kind and helpful i was well looked after i was taught moves i never new i could do i have a lot of confiedence now an im not scared of my own shadow anymore look forward to learning more"

Course attendee, November 2021.

"I am super shocked on how my mind set has changed from being so nervous to taking all information in which is something I've struggled with. I've got lots of certificates in my file about 'building confidence, assertive course etc... which has not helped!

I've tried to find a 'hobby' so I've tried painting, art+crafts, gym, cross stitch and so on....which has never helped.

This has been the only course that has really made a positive impact."

Course attendee, November 2021.

"I had to walk across a dark carpark last night. Just a short time ago, I would have been terrified but this time I felt quietly confident and it wasn’t until I got to the car that I realised I had not felt frightened for the first time in a long time. In just a few weeks this course has made me feel completely different."

"Felt anxious to begin with but enjoyed it."

"Forget your past. Forgive yourself and begin again."

"Fab session. I feel empowered. Knowledge is power!"

"…Physical Empowerment is something that sex workers need. I have never seen anything like this offered to sex workers before. It would be amazing to know you could go to a safe place, learn and not be judged."

Sex Worker, Manchester, 2021

"Very professional course, I’ve learnt a lot. My confidence is soaring high, high, high."

"I can see how invaluable and needed your service is... what you're doing is priceless." 

Course member, June 2024.

"This course has brought women together to feel more than victims ... to feel human, feel empowered."

Llanelli course member, Jan - April 2024.

Click here to read Helen's case study & testimonial in full.

"I now believe that I am worth protecting – and I will!"

Course attendee, Port Talbot, November 2023.

"I can see the pattern. This course WILL stop me from getting in those situations again. Thank you."

Llanelli course, March 2023

"The thing I really enjoyed today was feeling empowered and learning to trust myself."

Course attendee, (Introductory PE session), Llanelli, Jan 2023.

"I benefit hugely from Philippa's tuition in self-empowerment. This is what I have been looking for for years. As a result of attending these workshops I feel well on the road to a calmer, safer and better life."

Course attendee, (Empowerment After Domestic Violence), Port Talbot, March 2022.

"it's not about having strength physically it encourages u mentally and gives u the mind set to believe in yourself and to know u are worth protecting this course changes the brain way of thinking without this course I'd be back in my shell feeling unsafe in everyday life now I look at thing a different way and know I can now deal with things differently its not about having power to physically hurt someone it's having the mental belief in yourself that u can protect yourself thank you Philippa and Jenny for giving me the opportunity to do this I think every woman should be given this chance xxx"

Course attendee, Port Talbot, March 2022.

"Thanks again for today... the positive vibes you bring to the sessions makes us feel proud of ourselves. I've always found it hard in groups which I mentioned at the first session but you have helped me overcome this fear. Every session there's always a positive seed being planted in my head and this is helping me focus and feel safe in this world."

Course attendee, November 2021.

"These are good techniques to help me. I was sexually assaulted by a partner at 14 – he was horrible to me. Controlling what I wear, do, say, family went against me. I have a better idea of how to deal with things now. Feel better after time to write it down and think. Thank you."

"Congratulations on your project funding and thank you for everything you do to support your community."

National Lottery Community Fund for Wales, August 2021

"I usually write bad stuff about myself and feel low. But I believe in myself. This course has taught me so much. Thank you! See you next week."

"Great session. Want more."

"This course has helped me to look ahead to the future. I thankfully know the route to take… I don’t deserve this. I should feel safe and loved."

"I have really enjoyed the Physical Empowerment course. The thing I have felt has been extremely helpful is being able to speak to ladies that understand me!!"

Llanelli course member, Jan - April 2024.

"A very valuable course that offers healing from abuse and how to protect oneself. The course is 10 weeks and it is not just a self defense course but explores and heals the mind and body. This is also the only course I have discovered that offers follow up sessions, so it doesn't just dump you after the 10 weeks.  It is a group therapy led course that promotes sisterhood and friendship. All together we help heal each other, give and receive valuable advice in difficult situations and promote positivity and love.

I completed my course a year ago and now volunteer to help run a course with Pip. I cannot wait to see Physical Empowerment grow in various towns and look forward to running my own course in the near future."

Physical Empowerment member, 2024.

"Philippa is an inspiration and has helped me get my emotional and mental life on track. Thank you very much. x"

Course attendee, Port Talbot, September 2023.

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you from us all for the introduction to Physical Empowerment. It was a wonderful feeling to see the moments of connection and insight as you worked."

Lucie, Physical Wellbeing Project, February 2023

"Today I learned the importance of self-confidence. I am really looking forward to the course and think it will really help my PTSD."

Course attendee, (Introductory PE session), Llanelli, Jan 2023.

"Before the session I thought it may be too much for some of the members. After the session I thought it was perfectly tailored to suit everyone, it was confidence inspiring and so much fun. My favourite thing about today’s session was how included everyone was which developed a group support system. Even those who said they’d sit it out joined in with confidence."

Ali Allen, Community Support Worker, Age Connects, Neath Port Talbot, Aug 2022.

"I am really enjoying the course nearly at the end now going to miss it has it has been really good and the 1st day I walked in I was so nervous and I even had a bit of a moment when my wrist was grabbed but now I feel like if I was grabbed I wouldn't freeze thank you so much"

Course attendee, November 2021.

"Thank you very much for your support, I don't feel bad about the way I walk. I'm saying good morning to myself and it's helping. Plus I don't sleep through the day and I'm up to do the school run. Yesterday I went out and instead of sitting on my phone I watched the world around me and thought to myself, if a guy or women came up to me I have the skills to really look after myself... the fear was fading. See you next week."

"Your letter outlining your passion for empowering survivors of domestic abuse and introducing us to the work of Physical Empowerment CIC is very encouraging as VAWDASV is a societal issue that requires a societal response. Tackling male violence, gender inequality and misogyny require action at both ends of the spectrum; we must support survivors and we must hold perpetrators to account but we must also create genuine behaviour change. Your work with Physical Empowerment demonstrates so."

Letter from Zsanett Swain, Senior VAWDASV Policy Manager, Welsh Government, November 2021


"This is a really important piece of work and we definitely want to be a part of it. We think that Physical Empowerment is an excellent proposal which we believe is the missing link in our offering and could offer a new referral pathway."

Helena Cole, Director of Streetlight UK, 2021

"Felt so much anxiety coming in to a group setting. I will definitely be back in the next few weeks. Absolutely awesome."

"Feeling very emotional"​

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