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Adborth Physical Empowerment


All of our members are different and need help or support in different ways. We care deeply about each and every one of you and it means so much to our team to know that we have helped a little, even if it is YOU that's done all the hard work!

A big thank you to Helen for sharing her experience. Helen completed a one to one Physical Empowerment course in 2023. Read her story below.

Hello, I’m Helen

In past relationships I have experienced controlling, possessive, abusive behaviours and physical violence.

Although outwardly being capable and sociable, I felt emotionally fragile and physically vulnerable. This resulted in me developing my life around my family, friends, hobbies and safe social activities. My emotional and physical security was built around a determination to NEVER have another relationship. And it worked, in the past few years I have become wholly happy with being me, living a fulfilling, independent life, with my mental, emotional and physical state intact on a day to day

And then I met Philippa!

A random conversation and a short exchange of relationship experiences, Philippa invited me to attend a 10-week self-defence course that she runs as part of her work in Physical Empowerment.

Not knowing what to expect, I turned up to my first one to one session with Philippa, and was surprised to learn that self defence was not just a physical skill to learn but also there was a mass of emotional and mental development available to work on too.

Over the weeks we have talked and explored many themes around emotional and mental self-defence, which have been an absolute revelation to me.

This has helped me gain a greater understanding and self-awareness around abusive situations and has enabled me to go from feeling emotionally fragile and vulnerable, to a sense of new-found self-respect and mental resilience.

There is also time to in the weekly sessions to learn and practice some effective physical self-defence techniques and personal safety strategies. These are surprisingly empowering and I feel that with continued training and practice that I could confidently defend myself from a physical attack, if the necessity arose.

I am so grateful to Philippa, for the work that she has done with me and privileged to have had the opportunity to undertake this very personal self-development with such an inspiring, capable and caring lady. She is a shining example of a 21st Century woman and I believe, from my own experience, that the impact of the self-defence classes that Philippa provides, is both liberating and life changing.

I now believe that I am worth protecting – and I will!

You can learn to protect yourself too!

Helen, November 2023

We're here to help. Please reach out to us. Call 01994 419243 or 07929 125 957 or leave us a message on our contact page.

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