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Adborth Physical Empowerment

Paris Palmer

All of our members are different and need help or support in different ways. We care deeply about each and every one of you and it means so much to our team to know that we have helped a little, even if it is YOU that's done all the hard work!

A big thank you to Paris for sharing her experience. Paris now helps others as a volunteer for Physical Empowerment. Read her story below.

The physical side is not as exhausting as the name may imply. The moves are simple but very effective, and accessible for those with disabilities. This is because the course makes sure that everyone has the right to be able to protect themselves. More importantly, the course focuses on empowering your mind too. This is because it would be a challenge to use physical self-defense to get out of a situation if you don't believe in yourself, which is why throughout the course, it is made sure that you believe you are worth saving and you are mentally pushing forward for yourself. And that is also why I volunteer for Physical Empowerment.

We're here to help. Please reach out to us. Call 01994 419243 or 07929 125 957 or leave us a message on our contact page.

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